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A planned, thorough approach to making the most out of your IP has never been more critical. The ( Patent Analytics)benefits include a clear understanding of how well it’s working for you and clarification about the technology landscape in this new era where everything changes rapidly with each day that passes by – including laws surrounding intellectual property rights which can be very vague or unclear at times depending upon who is interpreting them ( Courts? politicians?). You also get valuable competitor intelligence and early notification about potential infringements, so there are no surprises later down the road when they materialize.

Most importantly, you’ll gain access to accurate, timely data to make better educated, profitable commercial IP decisions. But first, you must extract such data, particularly that on patents.

Through Patent analytics tools, you won’t just understand today’s environment. Instead, you will be able to analyze and visualize trends in a way that helps forecast future conditions with this new technology! Furthermore, with their innovative approach for collecting information on patents worldwide from various sources such as the USPTO database or Google Patents search engine, it provides insight into your portfolio better than ever before possible- giving more accurate data about how well protected each invention is – which could lead to higher profits down the line if they’re still valid after all these years pass by since being issued.

Patent Analysis Report

The Patent Analysis Report (PAR) is the most efficient way to evaluate critical metrics for each global patent data, making better decisions, including annuity payments and licensing. Can share the report even outside your organization; it gives you data that rates or ranks these patents regarding their score – which affects how much they are worth! You’ll also find family information alongside citation counts on a single page as well as rejection details if there has been any prior litigation regarding ownership of said patent rights within its landscape view– all in one place accessible anytime from anywhere via internet connection access only

  • Evaluate full patent text in the context of its metrics
  • Share with colleagues
  • Access official PDFs from PAR
  • Download and share thousands of links to PAR


A patent prosecution strategy is essential for any entrepreneur. With charts and visualizations that reveal the past behavior of an examiner, a law firm, or even art unit responders to US office actions, you can develop your smart prosecution strategy for patents. Nineteen queued-up graphics support successful patent defense at each phase from responding with information about how they could win over these stubborn opponents!

  • Compare statistics from multiple points of view
  • Identify examples of successful patents
  • View relevant examiner rejections and applicant responses

Through Analytics Patent tools, you can visualize existing technology and market trends for those technologies that inform your current strategy and help you understand the future trends in your market. For example, are there more competitors working with your technology? Fewer? We help you know how these points can lead to a more substantial technology game plan and future growth.

  • Understand the current state of your technology relative to your competitors
  • Help shape your current patenting strategy
  • Cross-reference technology data points to create technology landscapes
  • Make better-informed decisions

Competitive analytics is an essential tool that can help you stay ahead of the curve. It’s easy to get left in the dust when your competitors move and grow faster than you. You have a chance for success if you can figure out what they’re doing, where you stand with market changes, and wisely use that information. With a Competitive analytics patent, you will have the power to:

  • Understand your competition to understand your market
  • Find the many actors in the same technology space
  • Know where your match is headed to help shape your strategy
  • Help determine whether your competition is doing the expected, or the unexpected
  • See where your competition wants to go to find licensing opportunities

This new report will help you make better decisions when it comes to patent litigation. It is perfect for those looking to increase their chances of victory and find weak points in other people’s defenses, as well as identify potentially stronger players or firms working with them on a case-by-case basis. With Agent Analysis, you will be able to:

  • See your metrics so that you can understand how to improve
  • Understand your competition’s metrics to drive your own decisions
  • Measure agents that work for you to ensure you are getting the quality and results you expect
  • Identify agents who consistently produce higher quality patents for future work

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Why PatentsKart?

We help you build a more innovative IP strategy through some powerful analytics and exciting insights. The technology industry is always changing, so it’s important to keep up with what your competitors are doing. In fact, patents are an essential source of competitive intelligence and provide valuable insights into market growth and opportunities. We analyze technology and competitor IP trends to a whole new level. We aim to convert huge-scattered technology data into strong-understandable visuals that will help you take effective business and R&D decisions and ensure a solid and patent portfolio.

Every organization is under constant pressure to develop new competitive products that match up with technological advancements. However, before investing in R&D, it is essential to assess the strength of the technology and understand the available market. Technology landscapes are an excellent solution for entering a new technology space or expanding a current business line. Trends in patent filing

  •  Statistics of top players
  •  Technology innovation trends
  •  Opportunity analysis
  •  SWOT analysis
  •  Key technology patents
  •  Citation maps

Make use of gaps in a technology landscape 

Whitespaces are gaps in a technology landscape that can be used for disruptive innovation. These spaces are typically not patent-protected, and therefore they offer opportunities for new companies to enter the market with innovative products or services.

With the world of technology changing by the minute, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new products and patents that are being released. That’s why we use our 3D matrix analysis to help you find gaps in a technology landscape so you can broaden your scope and enhance your existing patent portfolio. We do this through digging deep into existing patents and using different strategies for further R&D, product development, category innovation, or available markets.

Competitor profiling to understand your competition and undestanding the IP strategy of your competitors means you are aware of the opportunities and threats to your market share. Competitive understanding of your competition can significantly help to make strategy for your patent development.

Competitor landscapes generally include business insights about your competitors, including players you may not know to exist. The study comprises primary research to gather statistics about the notable in the technology. We then take out patents in each competitor’s portfolio, followed by screening and classification to analyze their IP activity. Finally, we prepare a unique ‘competitor portfolio score card’ that includes competitor profiling or portfolio breakdown in the technology of interest.

Patent ranking model to optimize your portfolio.

An organized portfolio is essential for monetization. Conversely, large un-organized portfolios are generally under-valued, challenging to manage, and have patents with little commercial value.

The portfolio management process involves identifying the strength & weaknesses of a portfolio by categorizing patients as per the core technologies. This helps you identify the value set and uncovers several opportunities for monetizing non-core (or underperforming) patents. We use a scoring system that considers several pre-defined parameters such as legal status, forward citations, number of independent claims, technology advancement (claim scope), product coverage, etc. Our patented scoring model ranks patents as strong/weak or core/non-core, which helps companies make better decisions about what to buy and sell. Which helps create an optimized portfolio that can exploit for licensing and litigation purposes.


  •  Portfolio categorization
  •  Patent Ranking
  •  Portfolio Segmentation
  •  Portfolio Visualization

Monitoring new patent filings

Many patents are filed worldwide every year, making it relatively difficult to keep track of all new patent applications in a specific industry. We can help you keep track of all new patent filings in the technology sector. You will receive regular updates after we manually screen them and only choose documents relevant to your industry. Our teams are here to help you overcome this administrative task so that you can focus on growing your business.


  • Technology watch
  • Competitor watch
  • Legal status watch
  • Tracking drug patent expiration’s
  • Prosecution history updates

Mitigate risks to generate maximum value 

IP Due Diligence is the systematic review of the target company’s portfolio to assess IP assets’ quantity and quality. It is done to evaluate licensing opportunities – buying, selling, or M&As, and to make critical IP investment decisions. Patent due diligence is a process that can be used to determine the value of patents in your portfolio. It’s vital to understand what you own and how it might benefit your business. A patent search will help you identify which patents are relevant, and if they’re being infringed upon by competitors or other companies. You’ll also want to know the strength of these patents – whether they’re valid, strong, and enforceable. 

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