Patent Prosecution Support

We PatentsKart has assisted several private-equity backed startups, universities and individual inventors in strategizing the development of their patent portfolios. We directly manage and monitor all prosecution activities related to patent drafting, filing both domestic and international patent applications, responding to office actions, and tracking deadlines. Our internal docketing software keeps you updated on the status of the application and next steps in the process of patent prosecution.

We provide end-to-end solutions from screening ideas (novelty/patentability searches) to patent drafting and illustrations (patent drawings) to patent filing (including PCT filings) and responding to office actions, till the patent is granted (including patent prosecution at the Indian Patent Office).


Patent Drafting

Patent drafting involves understanding the invention and covering all technical aspects and variations of the invention in the full specification. Claims are the heart of a patent and should be drafted such that they are broad-enough to cover full-scope of the invention, keeping in mind the legal obligations of the country where the patent is to be filed. A poorly drafted patent could lead to loss of rights and the gaps may be utilized by a competitor to get away with infringement.

At PatentsKart, we have a team of experienced patent drafters comprising of Indian patent agents and lawyers, who have in-depth experience of drafting several Indian patent applications in the field of bio-medical devices, pharmaceutical formulations, robotics, automation technologies, IoT sensors, electronics etc. All applications are prepared after a thorough analysis of the novelty and existing prior art, to capture all embodiments in the description. Advantages over the known prior art are clearly described in the background to set the field of invention.

We prepare drafts for filing both provisional and non-provisional patent applications. We also assist with patent proof-reading.


Patent Illustrations

We prepare patent illustrations/drawings for both utility patents and design patents.
A design patent which is based on drawings and structural aspects of a product/invention, needs to capture all views of the product from various angles.The standard views being:

– Top & Bottom
– Front & Back
– Side (right & left)
– Perspective

Illustrators at PatentsKart have expertise in creating drawings as per Indian, USPTO, European, Chinese and Australian patent office standards. Clear illustrations can be created from anything like images, photographs or hand-drawn sketches, using latest tools like AutoCAD, CoralDRAW etc.

PCT e-filing

PatentsKart can also help with filing international applications or PCT (WIPO) applications via ePCT route, which is a hassle-free, paperless electronic filing of the PCT application. PCT route helps to protect your invention in multiple countries without having to pay the national fees for each jurisdiction in different currencies. It also provides an extended time period (30-31 months) for entering the national phases, during which the applicant can arrange for funds or licensees.


Office Action Responses (OAR)

Once the patent application is published, it will be examined by the examiner at the respective patent office to find any prior art that could challenge the novelty of the invention. The examiner may raise an objection citing prior arts or irregularities in filing documents.

A non-final office action is the first evaluation of patent claims after filing the application. The applicant has the option of amending the claims/description to overcome this objection. A final office action is the last objection issued by the examiner in review of the applicant’s response. An international search report (ISR) is issued by the international search authority (ISA) at the time of PCT filing, which includes list of identified references (prior art) and a written opinion on the patentability of the claims. Responding to ISR helps to expedite the prosecution of the PCT application during the national phases.

Quality of a response to the office action decides the fate of the patent application. It requires a good understanding of the laws as well as the invention in view of the prior art. PatentsKart has a team of patent drafters and agents who prepare replies to all office actions (OA) after a thorough analysis of the prior art cited by the examiner. These responses can include making necessary amendments to the claims or description of the patent, or preparing convincing arguments about how the claimed invention is substantially different from the cited prior art.