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You must have heard of some of the most famous brands in the world, like Nike, Apple, and Coca-Cola. But do you know what makes them so special? How did they become such powerful forces in their respective industries? And why are they still going strong after all these years? The answer is Brand Equity and journey from Trade Mark to Brand Equity is tedious and needs a proper blending of resources. Mere advertisement doesn’t help, so corporations need to be very cautious while going through this process–corporations should select the right trademarks that represent certain goods/services and make sure they’re relevant for your product or service.

You can’t just put a sign out front of your business and hope that people will come. To be successful, you need to understand the different ways in which they work – product design; promotion & positioning campaigns; as well as many other factors Depending on what customers want from their experience with us (ease-of-use vs. innovation), there are various strategies we employ at our company like branding or rebranding altogether depending on where each brand fits best within those parameters.

Advantages of a Federal Trademark Registration

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Why PatentsKart?

Trademark is a word, logo, or symbol associated with a product or an item that helps us differentiate between products in similar categories. It could be a brand name, service name (Service Mark), or a company logo (Wordmark). A single trademark can be associated with multiple classes of “Goods and Services.” Before filing a new trademark, an availability search for the mark is always recommended. It helps estimate the chances of clearance for the sport and advise on any modifications required before filing the trademark.

We offer trademark pre-filing searches to ensure that the proposed mark is unique and not infringing other marks in the same class. Involves searching marks across several national and international trademark offices like India, the US, Canada, Australia, EUIPO, and the U.K., to find similar work or image marks (or phonetically similar marks) under the relevant classes of goods and services.

We offer complete a range of legal services, including trademark filing in India, responding to examination reports/provisional refusal, and renewal of trademarks. In India, registration of a trademark is valid for ten years, after which the applicant can file a revival to extend the registration for another ten years. If a renewal application is not filed, it will remove the trademark from the Register of Trademarks.

We also file international applications through Madrid System. Additionally, we have a network of foreign agents to help you protect your trademarks in the U.S. and Europe and draft responses to office actions.

Our internal trademark docketing software provides hassle-free monitoring of all applications. It keeps you updated on the status of your applications and next steps in the process, along with reminders for any upcoming deadlines.

As a part of your brand protection strategy, we monitor unauthorized use of your mark and the filing of any confusing/similar patterns that could be potentially infringing your protected mark. We also look for counterfeit products/goods on various e-commerce websites, using matching packaging, logos, or trademarks. We can do this on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Looking for an Expert IP Consultant?

we will answer your questions, scope your project and discuss your potential fit in style.

Protecting or Selling Your Trademark or Service Mark

A trademark is a sign that identifies your business and should protect it at all costs. As with other types of property like computers or furniture in an office space, you need to actively monitor social media platforms for unauthorized uses by competitors who might try to steal away customers from their brand name recognition.

After obtaining one’s rights through registration procedures with federal governments’ offices related specifically To Trademarks And Service Marks (USPTO), getting these monitored services done can help prevent losing potential revenue streams if another party uses the same mark without using the same mark permission.

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