Our visualization models include:

  • Latest Competitor/Technology trends
  • Licensing target identification
  • Technology Whitespace
  • Relative Growth (CAGR) in Competitor Patent Portfolios
  • Hottest R&D locations & Leading Markets across generations
  • Most valuable patents
Advanced Landscape Dashboard

Coronavirus (CoV)- Known Treatments

Landscape dashboards are customized to provide valuableinsights on specific research objectives like competitor benchmarking,investment decisions, development of future innovation R&D strategies,licensing or acquisitions and others
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Some of Our Sample Reports

Patent Landscape Report – Proposed Treatments for Coronavirus (CoV) Family
Sample Patentability Search-Digital Platform for Agriculture Supply Chain
Trademark Availability/Pre-filing Search
Sample FTO Search Report
Sample FTO Search ReporState of the Art/Novelty Search - Medical Devices
Landscape Sample – Genome Editing CRISPR-Cas9
Sample FTO for Automatic Recyclable Garbage Sorting
Sample Invalidation Search Report-Digital Telecommunications Call Management and Monitoring System

Sample FTO Search Report

Wireless Telecommunication & Standards


◘ WiMAX (802.16), 802.11 families, Zigbee ◘ 4G/LTE/5G ◘ 3GPP standards/CDMA ◘ Voice over IP ◘ Bluetooth, BLE

Medical Devices


◘ Cochlear implants ◘ Dental implants ◘ Catheters ◘ Eyewears

Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment


◘ Semiconductor circuits and fabrications ◘ Chip designs ◘ Microcontrollers ◘ PN Junctions ◘ Optical fiber communications



◘ CRISPR -Cas System ◘ DNA, RNA and protein sequences ◘ Nutraceuticals ◘ IG/Antibodies/Vaccines ◘ Cancer Therapy



◘ Formulations ◘ Drug delivery and kinetics ◘ Polymer chemistry ◘ Psychedelic micro-dosing

Digital Media


◘ Multimedia encoding techniques ◘ Digital video compression Audio compression ◘ IPTV ◘ Bandwidth management ◘ LED & LCD Displays



◘ Vision correction techniques ◘ Photonics ◘ Nanotechnology ◘ LASER diodes ◘ Image processing ◘ Acoustics

IOT & BigData


◘ Artificial Intelligence ◘ Deep Learning and Neural Networks ◘ Augmented Reality ◘ IoT sensors ◘ Blockchain

Environmental Remediation


◘ Biofuels ◘ Renewable energy ◘ Waste water treatment ◘ Soil stabilization ◘ Agrochemical

Material Sciences


◘ Coatings and adhesives ◘ Powder Metallurgy ◘ Extraction of rare earth metals ◘ Iron ore reduction



◘ Wind and gas turbines ◘ Hydraulics ◘ Drilling machines ◘ Robotics ◘ Autonomous vehicles

Frequently asked questions

We provide high end IP research and analytic solutions with visualization models and tools designed to offer valuable insights in complex IP decision making

scenarios for our clients.Our services include:-
  1. Patent Research Services: Our research specialists, with expertise across varied technology domains, focus on identifying search results that accurately meet the clients’ objectives. Our team has more than 10,000 hours of searching experience with  excellence in complete nuances of claim mapping. Our clients review our services as need based, cost effective and  highly efficient.                                                                                                                                            
  2. IP Analytical Services: We have extensively worked with recognized enterprises on varied technologies on specific research objectives like competitor benchmarking, investment decisions, development of future innovation R&D strategies, licensing/acquisitions and other whitespace analytical solutions.We equip our clients with capabilities to take data driven business decisions through our unified dynamic dashboards built on leading analytical tools like Power BI, Tableau,etc.                                                                                                                                                                                           
  3. IT Services: We provide clients with Machine learning/Artificial Intelligence based self-sufficient tools/models to assist manual patent searches and improves efficiency and effectiveness in IP related decision making

By combining all the above services, we are able to create powerful patent solutions for our clients that can be used, shared, scaled, updated…. with a click of a button.

This creates efficient workflows and helps our clients to focus on performing actions more than analysis.

  1. Quality: 100% of our team has more than 10,000 hours of searching experience. Hence, we are in a position to commit best quality work, consistently, all the time.                                                                                                                                          
  2. Specialized Content: Each report focus on accurately presenting identified project outputs in a manner that accurately meet the clients’ objectives. Also,we always offer a unique segment that is aimed at driving maximum impact with minimal effort for our clients.For example,Interconnected dynamic dashboards alongwith landscape reports or         Key Feature Analysis table for Patentability type searches:


Key Feature 1

Key Feature 2

Key Feature 3

Claim 1


Claim 2



Claim 3


Yes (Interpreted)

  1. Functional/Intellectual Expertise: Our senior team members have worked for tier-1 Strategy consulting firms and have served Fortune 10 clients for multiple years.They are qualified from the top 30 ranked MBA institutes in the world, and top 3 in India They are well versed with techniques to distil oceans of data into useful insights focused  on specific research objectives like competitor benchmarking, investment decisions, development of future innovation R&D strategies, licensing/acquisitions and other whitespace analytical solutions.                                                                               
  2. Analytical Tools Expertise: We work on superior analytic tools like Power BI, Tableau, Alteryx, etc to gather, process and visualize unstructured data in all its forms and transform into one complete dashboard solution with relevant data connectors that break down the data silos and highlights valuable insights especially in complex IP decision making scenarios as per our clients’ needs.

Yes! We have an in-house IT team capable of handling EVERYTHING ranging from internal patents’

database/software development to machine learning based patent ranking/ watch/ searching tools.

Don’t forget to ask for a demo of our IT services portfolio.

Our experienced team of patent researchers and analysts has advanced qualifications in wide ranging technology domains like electronics and telecommunications,

mechanical and metallurgy, life sciences (including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry) and computer science, along with a separate team

of  specialized trademark and patent agents/attorneys.

Yes, We provide search services in Chinese/Taiwenese/Japanese languages

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