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The Infringement Search team is on a mission to identify potential infringers and investigate their products for patent infringement. The group looks out for companies operating in related technologies, analyzing documents such as whitepapers or product datasheets to find relevant materials before gathering evidence of misconduct through claim charts that include infringing results from our proprietary databases.​

A patent attorney can provide valuable guidance about your rights, how you should negotiate license agreements and what changes should be made for a successful grant. A lawyer with this knowledge also has advice on other options like invalidating the patented invention or waiting until infringing patents expire, which will save money in legal fees if taken before they are infringed upon.

Infringement analysis is generally done under the following circumstances:

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Elements of patent infringement 

  • The company might have been operating in the country for years and is not currently infringing on its patents. They are ready to stop all production to afford to renew this expired patent if necessary. However, until then, they will be making sure everything runs smoothly as possible while still complying with local laws regarding intellectual property rights.
  • A patent is a government-issued license to prevent others from making, using, or selling one’s invention. The process for obtaining this special status involves applying with the USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office), which includes full descriptions of all steps taken during development as well as diagrams illustrating how they work together in what’s called “outline form.”
  • The company has obtained a license under the patent, which means it is now out of its Shadow Mode and public view.
  • The patent holder is infringing upon the accused’s right to market their product, and they may resolve this dispute by either settling out of court or licensing each other.

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