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Why Patentskart?

PatentsKart’s IP Analytics Dynamic Dashboard is built on superior analytical tools such as Tableau/Power BI software and can be fully customized to suit your specific needs. It allows you to analyze and visualize patents in a whole new way and from multiple dimensions. Empower you to track technology of interest/competitor IP portfolio on a real-time basis. Unlike traditional query-based systems, our click-based approach allows for easy and in-depth exploration, placing data analysis right at your fingertips.

It is a versatile patent analysis tool suitable for a range of purposes, including technology landscaping, infringement metrics, citation mining, and litigation analysis. With PatentsKart’s IP Analytics Dynamic Dashboard, you gain access to comprehensive and invaluable insights for making informed decisions and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

Most Valuable Patents

Landscape dashboards are customized to provide valuable insights on specific research objectives like competitor benchmarking, investment decisions, development of future innovation R&D strategies, licensing or acquisitions and much more.

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How Can Our IP Analytics Dynamic Dashboard Benefit "YOU"?

  • Built on superior analytical tools like Tableau/Power BI, fully customizable to your needs.

  • Real-time tracking of technology of interest/competitor IP portfolio with timely alerts on new patents.

  • Click-based exploration for effortless data analysis and deep insights at your fingertips.

  • Conduct diverse analyses, from FTO to patent landscape assessments.

  • Advanced filters and drill-down capabilities for seamless navigation among thousands of patents.

  • Multi-mode and combination filtering of patent records based on dates, assignees, country codes, and more.

  • Taxonomy-based categorization of patents over technology nodes for efficient organization.

  • Dynamic and interactive charts to visualize trends and corresponding patents based on your queries.

  • Fit-for-purpose patent analysis tool for technology landscaping, market evaluation, prosecution metrics, citation mining, and litigation.

  • Automated competitor or technology alerts are sent to relevant stakeholders in your organization.

  • Share dynamic, clickable dashboards focusing on specific companies, markets, or technology areas of interest.

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Leverage our diverse industry experience


Our dynamic dashboard provides a real-time overview of patent-related activities, including applications, maintenance, litigation, and licensing. It streamlines patent asset management, making it more efficient and transparent.

Absolutely! Our IP Analytics Dashboard is designed to be flexible and customizable to meet your specific needs. You can tailor the dashboard based on your technology domains and track the metrics that are most relevant to your IP strategy. Whether you want to focus on specific competitors, technologies of interest, or key performance indicators, our dashboard allows you to create a personalized view that aligns with your goals. With this customization, you can have a dashboard that provides you with the insights and information that matter most to your organization’s intellectual property management.

  • Our visualization models include competitor/technology trends, licensing target identification, technology whitespace analysis, relative growth in competitor patent portfolios, hottest R&D locations and leading markets, and identification of the most valuable patents based on your technology domains.

Yes, our dashboard allows you to deep dive into your competitors’ patent portfolios, gain insights, and track their patent filings and innovations.

The dashboard helps identify potential licensing opportunities, track licensing activities, and optimize IP monetization strategies, enabling you to increase your revenue from intellectual property assets.

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