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A quick novelty check(patentability searches/patent searches/Prior Art Searchsearch prior to drafting or filing a patent application can determine the likelihood of obtaining a patent and, in turn, save huge costs involved in maintaining patents.

We perform extensive searches to analyze the scope of an invention in light of the identified prior art references, which can help you determine whether a potential innovation is novel and patentable.

Intellectual property, especially patents, is one of an organization’s most critical intangible assets, especially those that rely on research and innovation. However, given that a patent offers its assignee the individual rights towards the use of product/technology and blocks others from infringing upon their patent for a very long period, patents mustn’t be granted to every idea that is ever ideated.

Top Reasons to do a Patentability Search

The benefit of the patentability search/novelty search process is that it can save time and money.

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For an Invention to be Patentable, It Must Be

An invention is considered novel when it’s different from all previous inventions.

The scope of the invention must be different enough that a person having skill in the area related to it would not find it obvious to make such change.

As having a specific, credible, and substantial utility.

A patentability search, also known as a novelty search, is conducted before filing a patent application to ensure the novelty/uniqueness of the invention. 

An effective patentability searching program brings many benefits: Reduced prosecution costs due to screening out inventions early in the process and supporting the drafting of compact, well-crafted patent applications that save downstream prosecution costs and improve allowance rates.

How Can A Patentability Search Benefit "YOU"?

The search process (patentability searches/novelty search/Patent Applications) for patenting an invention can be complicated, and it is often difficult to know where your idea falls into the spectrum. However, with careful research, you will find that there are two main categories: Relevant & Non-Relevant searches – these refer respectively to searching on ideas that Match Your Invention As It Exists Now Or Have Similarities To The One You’re Trying To Protect


A patentability search is an essential part of the process, but it can be daunting. That’s why we do this research for you and find what has been patented before so that your invention doesn’t get rejected because of similarities with other ideas/inventions already out there regarding how they’re made or used!

Looking for an Expert IP Consultant?

we will answer your questions, scope your project and discuss your potential fit in style.

Using Patentability Searches to Improve Patent Applications

While not every patentability search proves if your invention is patentable or not, the process of searching provides a lot more information than you would have otherwise. The discovery of prior art during this type of research can be invaluable for helping draft a practical application in response to these findings so they don’t put too much weight on what was found without considering how it might affect their project in the future. After all, putting together any work takes brains!

If prior art is similar to the invention, we look for areas that are not patented. These neighboring segments may be what your new patent application bases itself around.

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