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Dynamic Dashboard Models for visualizationsc

Dynamic Dashboard Models for visualizations

Powerful result-oriented analyticsc

Powerful result-oriented analytics

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Patent coverage from 100+ countries2

Patent coverage from 100+ countries

Why Patentskart?

Patenskart analyzes patent data that indicates scientific, business, and technological trends. Landscape reports generally focus on a single industry, technology, or geographic region.

Our Patent landscapes provide you with a snapshot of the patent situation in a different technology. They can notify licensing targets, recognize whitespace, and locate technology trends. They may also be used to examine the validity of patents based on information about their legal status. Finally, the data is reviewed and presented visually to understand the data discovered.

Patent landscaping is about evaluating enablers of or barriers to creation in such a manner as to guide your company global expansion and development. A patent landscape is about collecting and visualizing data to form a story that you can share with everyone in your organization.

If your business is created on technology and intellectual property, patent landscaping is not optional. Instead, it is a necessary form of intelligence that boosts your assets’ value while helping you determine new partners and extend to new markets.

Like any helpful roadmap, a patent landscape cannot tell you what journey to take. But it can provide a view of the obstacles that might occur in your path. Ideally, a patent landscape will help you sequence your research and development. With a more vital understanding of your patent ecosystem, you can determine which competitors would make the most suitable targets for cross-licensing or investment.

It is a necessary form of intellect that boosts your asset’s value while enabling you to recognize new partners and expand to new markets.

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Our Dynamic Dashboards Help You To

  • Perform powerful computing and fast analytics through Intuitive dynamic dashboards over mobiles, tablets and computers

  • Empower non-technical users to take data-driven business decisions without having to learn to code

  • Increase organizational efficiency through collaboration amongst multiple users

  • Spend fewer hours on data analysis and compiling reports, and more on innovating on new programs and products

  • Latest Competitor/Technology trends

  • Licensing target identification

  • Technology Whitespace

  • Relative Growth (CAGR) in Competitor Patent Portfolios

  • Hottest R&D locations & Leading Markets across generations

Most Valuable Patents

Landscape dashboards are customized to provide valuable insights on specific research objectives like competitor benchmarking, investment decisions, development of future innovation R&D strategies, licensing or acquisitions and much more…

Types Of Patent Technology Landscape

Domain Focused Patent Landscape Analysis

These landscapes are used to apprehend a distinct domain better using patent literature and emanate the different insights based on the extracted patent cluster. These searches are used effectively by R&D and product development teams.

A state-of-art analysis is carried out based on a domain-focused landscape wherein the recent technologies designed over the last few years are discovered and analyzed for further research.

White space analysis is often based on a domain-focused landscape wherein the specialized areas with low or no patent filings are recognized, which serve as white spaces in the technology for added research.

Player Focused In Patent Landscapes Analysis

These landscapes concentrate on what particular players or players do types of patent filings. However, it is identical to Intellectual Property profiling of the players to closely observe their research and business appeals by looking at their patent portfolio.

A Competitive Technology Intelligence is carried out based on a player-focused landscape, where a company constantly observes the patent activities of one or more of its competitors.


  • A patent landscape analysis of patent data indicates scientific, business, and technological trends. 
  • Patent landscaping forms a clear overview of the patent structure within a technological field or area or your competitors.
  • Patent Landscaping strengthens the value of your assets while enabling you to identify new partners and extend to new markets.
  • It could also be used to approach probable licensees or strategic partners.
  • — Patent landscaping helps you determine and execute a sustainable IP strategy that accounts for relevant factors to your precise situation. 
  • The patent landscape provides an understanding of the inventions that underlie technology and products.

A patentability search is executed to answer whether a new invention is extraordinary over what already exists in the prior art. In contrast, freedom to operate searching and analysis aims to determine the risk of a product (or the working of a method) infringing third-party patent rights. A patent landscape analysis provides a deep insight into the varying technology directions and gives you an appropriate market view. White space analysis is the most sought-after method to find gaps in technology. By monitoring the technology trends, one can locate any loopholes and direct research in that area.

A patentability search searches the prior art to determine whether claims describing the new invention are unique and arguably creative given the prior art. Freedom to operate searching is notoriously more complicated than patentability searching as it is hugely more challenging to explore the scope of patent claims. A free-to-operate (FTO) is also known as Right-to-Use Search, Right-To-Market, or Clearance Search. It is a search accomplished on issued patents or pending patent applications to decide if a product or process violates any of the claims of the issued patents or pending patent applications. These searches are often conducted by one or more experienced patent searchers under the supervision of one or more patent attorneys.

FTO search can be accomplished at any stage of product development\\/ life cycle to monitor the direction of product development and its commercialization.

Prior art is any evidence that your invention is already known. Prior art does not need to exist physically or be commercially available.

It is enough that someone, somewhere, sometime previously has described and made something that contains a use of technology that is very similar to your invention.

Prior art can be:

  • An existing product is the most obvious form of prior art.
  • Any publication
  • Any material available to the public
  • Making available and exhibitions of products
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Oral disclosures

Yes, the landscape analysis we provide helps our clients visualize trends in patent filing, statistics of top players, existing technology and market trends for those technologies that may inform their present strategy, and help them understand the future course in the market.

Our Citation maps benefit our clients to visualize the most densely patented and most sparsely patented technology area. The broad analysis we provide also assists the clients in monitoring and exploring markets of interest.

Intellectual property and patents are rich sources of business intellect that can be complicated to understand.

With the increasing creation speed, traditional landscaping and static patent maps don’t function anymore because they become obsolete as soon as they completed. The technology landscape means different things to different businesses. A technology landscape is not a one-to-one solution for any IP plan; it is a classification of assessments with distinct business context and process outcomes.

Before entering a market, performing a thorough analysis, such as a Technology Landscape Analysis, guarantees success to a great extent possible. The critical insights derived from such an analysis support sound decision-making. It clears light on the essential elements, such as the present market system, level of competition, market standing of the organization, the latest techniques, methods, and much more.

Technological advances influence landscape architecture creation processes, inventory, analysis, research, and construction. These changes enhance the process, and we visit, analyze, collaborate, design, and create landscape architecture projects. Technology Landscape provides an in-depth assessment of a technology site to recognize and assess current and future technologies produced across industries.

Landscaping is so much better than just visibly-pleasing spaces. Modern landscapes also need to be endurable and eco-friendly.

Fortunately, with today’s advances in technology, home and business owners can transform their outdoor spaces using secure and sustainable methods.

The outcome of a Patent Landscape Search includes a graphical representation of how various patents relate to each other, based on various search fields, such as keywords, citations, applicants, patent classifications, and so on. Our team of technology and analytics experts work with you to gather all technical information (search and analysis of patents in a technology domain) and derive intelligence required to answer your business queries.  

For clear understanding, we effectively segment the patent data into multiple categories and represent it in the form or graphs, where visuals speak the information stored inside the huge data. Our analysis and insights into the technology stimulate new ideas and increase your team’s efficiency.

SWOT analysis of a patent portfolio involves thorough study of the patents and categorization of them into four categories  Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats providing major perceptions about these categories. Technical, patent legal and market aspects can be considered in this SWOT. We provide SWOT analysis from a business as well as technology perspective, which proves to be very effective for our clients ensuring that the framing of their business objectives is such that they are pragmatic and attainable. The analysis we provide also ensures that risks are minimized, and efficiency maximized.

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