Company’s IP position will compile a list and review all patents in the portfolio

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Explore Potential Monetisation opportunities

Decode real value of your diverse profolioc

Decode real value of your diverse profolio

Only 5 business days turn-around timec

Only 5 business days turn-around time

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Leverage our diverse industry experience

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We help you build a smarter IP strategy through some powerful analytics and interesting insights.Patents are an important source of competitive intelligence and provide valuable insights about market growth and opportunities. To stay ahead in the technology race, you need to efficiently track competitors and their IP activity. Combining our vast experiences in strategy planning and technology consulting, we take analysis of technology and competitor IP trends to a whole new level. Our aim is to convert huge-scattered technology data into strong-understandable visuals that will help you take effective business and R&D decisions and ensure a strong and a profitable patent portfolio.

Our patent analytics service helps you extract and exploit the value of your patent portfolios and patent information as fully as possible. We help you unlock detailed insights to help you plan and create profitable IP and Research & Development strategies. Without them, the existence of your organization could be in jeopardy.

We are leveraging diverse industry  experiences. We offer a results-driven, flexible and scalable approach that will allow you to reach your goals.

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Leverage our diverse industry experience

Our Dynamic Dashboards Help You To

  • Perform powerful computing and fast analytics through Intuitive dynamic dashboards over mobiles, tablets and computers

  • Empower non-technical users to take data-driven business decisions without having to learn to code

  • Increase organizational efficiency through collaboration amongst multiple users

  • Spend fewer hours on data analysis and compiling reports, and more on innovating on new programs and products

Patent Portfolio

Patent portfolios are often analyzed to assess their strength and weakness. You can use this knowledge for your own business or that of competitors by comparing it with other companies to find areas where they may be vulnerable, such as white spaces in the market shared by two different invention owners who have an overlapping portfolio- which could mean potential licensing opportunities.

The process of exploring for patents can be tedious and time-consuming, but with Patentskart access to professional corporate tree databases, they make it easy. The company has built an extensive list in its database that includes all companies related or connected through mergers and acquisitions. So not only do you have the opportunity to search using just one source – which would take up days if done by hand-, now there are multiple leads at your fingertips.

The patent portfolio analysis is a great way to understand its product line and focus. It can also provide insights into how they have been filling IP-related that may change over time and other useful information about your business.

Why Is The Need For Patent Portfolio Analysis

  • To understand the current state of your company and that of its competitors through qualitative analysis.

  • The decision-making process is strategic, and understanding your options will help you make the best choice.

  • The licensing officer will help you identify new opportunities for your company and mitigate the risk in litigation by reviewing patents before they're used.

  • The analysis helps locate gaps and omissions in your patent claim coverage, which can be used as a foundation for drafting an effective Iron Mountain Website Patent Minefield.

  • When managing a patent portfolio, it is essential to ensure that the rights are secure and identifiable. One way of doing this is through mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

How Do You Manage A Patent Portfolio?

  • The patent portfolio manager needs to make critical decisions about how best to use their IP assets to have an advantage.

  • There’s no better time than now to obtain patent protection for new technologies.

  • In addition to its existing patents, Expedia has acquired a few more which help them extract even greater value from their portfolio.

  • Expand its patent portfolio through acquisition and licensing.

  • Expand its patent portfolio through acquisition and licensing. Licensing its technologies to other organizations for years continues this trend today.

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The patent portfolio analysis is an essential step in the process of understanding how your company’s products may potentially be infringing on another firm’s patents.

IP valuation can be complex because it requires estimates of both the cost to develop an invention and lawyer’s fees.

A second method of valuing an asset, whether stocks or bonds, will use this process, which usually involves looking up comparable assets to make sure ours are appreciated correctly!

There are many steps to starting a business, but you should always set your goals before beginning. You must budget for the expenses of operating and growing it as well – this could mean hiring employees or buying new equipment if necessary.

Once that’s done, start looking at what ideas might work best with how much time/money is available to be realistically estimated to create an accurate estimate on their cost when filing day comes around.

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