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We help you make that critical decision about Patent licensing, acquisition or sale, by carefully analyzing the patent claims, followed by a detailed analysis of relevant products for infringement. We prepare clear Evidence of Use (EoU) claim charts, with element-to-element mapping to indicate how each patent claim element reads the product features. Additionally, we also analyze technology standards to include patent-to-standard mapping. Our experts have worked on different criteria like IEEE 802, 3GPP, LTE, etc.

Patentskart IP’s (Intellectual Properties) Evidence of Use (EoU)/Claim Chart Creation service shows patent infringement by complying with the ‘all elements test.’ It is based on which a product or process has been accused. Also, involving correct interpretation of the claim/mapping of the claim elements to the evidence gathered from the accused product.

Our EoU charts patent claim elements to specific features of identified products and indicates the strength of patent infringement assertion as an Intellectual Property firm. The greatest part about our company is that we have a diverse group who specializes in different areas like techno-legal experts from varied technical backgrounds, including Electronics and Communication, Computer Science and Information technology, Mechanical, Material Science, Electrical, Chemical, and Life Sciences. As a result, we ensure technical credibility and accuracy in claim mapping justification.


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To Perform An EOU Search:

The subject matter of a patent is to be understood thoroughly, especially in regards with its claims. The so-called “patent claim” seeks legal protection and helps define your product or service for potential competitors through limitations on how it can be used which are read by courts overseeing these types cases if necessary.

Assessment of the strength of a patent based upon its corresponding forward and backward citations can be used as an important step in determining how to handle products found infringing on that particular Patent. In addition, it’s vital for any company doing business with intellectual property laws because they may need more evidence than just showing there is infringement if legal action needs pursuing or could face opposition from another party which could lead revocation depending on circumstances at hand.

We shall perform secondary research identity products available in the market that are likely to infringe on claims from a patent holder. A vital part of any investigation into intellectual property rights is assessing the size and strength of companies manufacturing products which infringe on patents. This helps patent holders have appropriate strategies in place for future litigation.

Shall write an opinion on EOU/claim chart based on jurisdiction-specific laws. (take help of an IP or law firm )The EOU/claim chart report will typically have a list of infringing products found, mapping of product components with patent claims that cover those features and component parts. Mapping also includes opinion about whether or not the identified patents are being infringed upon legally as well as what type(s) of action should be taken next by owners who believe their intellectual property rights have been violated in some way.

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