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Types of Drug Patent Databases

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biological drugs, Purple Book Patent Data

Purple Book

This refers to a database listing FDA-approved biological drugs (complex medications derived from living organisms). PatentsKart’s Purple Book data provides the first-ever public access to patent details for these drugs, offering valuable insights into intellectual property landscapes.

chemical drugs

Orange Book

The Orange Book is the official database maintained by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It lists information on FDA-approved chemical drugs and their generic equivalents. PatentsKart’s Orange Book data offers a user-friendly and accurate way to search for patent information on these drugs.

Japan Pharma

Japan Pharma

This section delves into the world of Japanese pharmaceutical patents. PatentsKart provides a comprehensive dataset encompassing all Japanese pharmaceutical patents along with their expiration dates. This information is crucial for understanding market exclusivity and potential competition in the Japanese market.

Purple Book Patent Data:

First-Ever Transparency: Gain comprehensive insights into patents associated with FDA-approved biological drugs. This groundbreaking resource provides a level of transparency never seen before in this field.

Effortless Navigation: Our user-friendly interface streamlines your search process, allowing you to quickly locate the exact patent information you need.

Accurate and Up-to-date: Rest assured you’re working with the latest, most reliable patent data, ensuring informed decision-making.

biological drugs, Purple Book Patent Data
chemical drugs, Orange Book Patent Data
chemical drugs, Orange Book Patent Data

Orange Book Patent Data:

Seamless Search: PatentsKart’s Orange Book database offers a robust platform to explore patents for FDA-approved chemical drugs.

Enhanced Efficiency: Effortlessly navigate drug-patent connections, saving you valuable time and resources.

Combined Power (Optional): For a truly comprehensive solution, consider our combo package that integrates both Purple and Orange Book patent data, facilitating searches across both categories.

chemical drugs, Orange Book Patent Data

Japan Pharma:

Unmatched Depth: Delve into the extensive world of Japanese pharmaceutical patents with our all-encompassing database.

Expiration Tracking: Strategically plan for the future with our built-in patent expiration date functionality.

Japan Pharma


Review for Prior Art Search involves searching publicly available sources to discover whether an invention has been previously described in other references (i.e., prior art) or not. If it has been described in a prior art reference, a later-filed patent application would not be granted as anticipated by the search prior art. In short, if there is a publication date before the filing date of the patent application and that publication describes or consists all aspects of the invention as claimed, the invention will not be considered as novel, and therefore ineligible for patent protection. Besides helping to find out novelty, patentability, prior art searches can generate ideas for research and development (R&D).

Not, all prior art disqualifies an invention from being able to receive a patent. Prior art essentially refers to the entire span of human knowledge, and if one effectively differentiated an invention even from a similar one, a patent may be secured.

Prior art searches are vital because it controls the ability to gain intellectual property (IP) rights over an invention. Suppose the inventor is unable to gain IP rights. In that case, the creation may have a decreased market value and the inventor may be not able to prevent rivals from entering the market or be forced to obtain licenses from the life IP rights holder.

Except where the inventor is an expert in his field of an invention and has a great understanding of industry trends but without a prior art search, an inventor will be operating in information and will not be able to form an educated opinion about whether the investor can obtain a patent protection on the invention.

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