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Why do SEP stakeholders rely on Patentskart?

With the rapid growth of standard essential patents (SEPs), it has become harder for stakeholders to find their way through huge data sets and make well-informed choices. Estimates say that only about 20% of SEPs are truly necessary, which makes things even more complicated.


PatentsKart helps SEP licensees, implementors, IP pools, and their law firms figure out how to deal with this problem. We offer a reliable way to deal with SEP-related issues, making it possible for stakeholders to do thorough and precise studies that save time and effort.

Our adept team of analysts has manually cleaned and validated over 489800 + records from 15 SSOs (Standard Setting Organizations), including ETSI, IEEE, ISO, CCSA, OMA, IMT, TIA, ATIS, ITU-T, ITU-R, IEC, IETF, ANSI, and TTA presenting an intuitive dashboard for seamless patent exploration and visualization.

Rigorous manual analysis by seasoned experts ensures unparalleled coverage and accuracy.

Real-time updates on overlapping patents to safeguard your interests.

Access a comprehensive repository with our unique tiered ranking system, aiding in identifying pivotal patent data.

Our technical researchers maintain up-to-date information, ensuring reliability.


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Determining Standard Patent Essentiality

Discovering the essentiality of standard patents can be challenging, often posing obstacles in determining their significance. At our platform, we’ve meticulously identified key factors that serve as the foundation for our comprehensive patent ranking system.


Our methodology involves a thorough analysis based on these factors to assess and evaluate the relevance and importance of standard patents. Through our innovative approach, we aim to simplify the complex process of determining patent essentiality, providing users with reliable and valuable insights into patent rankings.

Industries We Covered

Telecommunications standard essential patents


Automotive standard essential patents


Consumer Electronics standard essential patents

Consumer Electronics

Audio-Visual Technology standard essential patents

Audio-Visual Technology

Internet of Things standard essential patents

Internet of Things

Transport Industry standard essential patents

Transport Industry

Consumer Goods standard essential patents

Consumer Goods

Biotechnology standard essential patents


Optics standard essential patents


Semiconductors standard essential patents


Textile and Paper Machines standard essential patents

Textile and Paper Machines

Environmental Technology standard essential patents

Environmental Technology

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How Can SEP Data Benefit You?

  • Strategic Licensing Insights

    Regular technology landscape updates, portfolio diagnostics, and claim validity assessments facilitate informed decisions and fortify patent portfolios.

  • Swift, Cost-Efficient, and Accurate:

    Supported by expert patent research and meticulously curated SEP data.

  • Identify Lucrative R&D Avenues

    Deep SEP landscape analysis, competitor portfolio benchmarking, and exploration of licensing opportunities.


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Certainly. Our platform provides sophisticated search functionalities and advanced filters. Users can perform complex searches based on multiple criteria, including patent classifications, technology areas, geographical coverage, and more, for precise data retrieval.

Yes, our platform offers comprehensive insights into evolving standardization trends. We continuously monitor SSO activities, track emerging standards, and analyze their influence on patent landscapes. Our data-driven approach enables users to anticipate and adapt to shifting standardization trends effectively.

Absolutely. Our platform offers extensive coverage of global patent landscapes, providing insights into jurisdictional implications. We track patent data from multiple regions, enabling users to assess global trends, regional differences, and potential legal implications across various jurisdictions.

Our platform employs advanced algorithms and manual curation to address the complexity of overlapping patents within standards. We utilize in-depth comparative analysis, considering claim scope, technological nuances, and legal assessments to distinguish and highlight unique patent contributions within the overlapping domain.

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