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State of the art search, commonly referred to as a mini-landscape search, collection Search, or an extension to a patentability search, helps validate the potential of an idea by giving you an overview of the existing Art in a particular technology. The study helps to identify new avenues for research and development (it’s a collection search for the patents)

This comprehensive(state of the Art) search provides a technical breakdown of the key patents in the technology of interest, along with insights into the latest developments in technology, key players, and market trends.

In-state of the art search, we sufficiently narrow the surface area to be covered and go in-depth to answer some specific questions proposed by the business, R&D, or legal team regarding a particular technology. 

Eliminate Your Competitors With a Prior Art Search

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Patent Search

A patent keyword search is a form of patent search that looks up terms in multiple patent databases to assist you in finding patents that are comparable to your invention. By conducting a patent keyword search, you can determine whether you can patent your idea or whether a competing patent already exists.

In about 2 minutes, our tool will search state the patent database by category (CPC/IPC), classification number, and F-terms to return relevant results for your search query! This will save hours of work and allow you to get started building a product based on existing technology much faster than previously!

With Assignee/Inventor-based searching, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for someone inside your own company or across many companies around the globe. You can search by both assignee and inventor so that you’ll always be able to find who you need when you need them.

Citations are the building blocks of citation analysis, and they have many beneficial uses. For example, one can study backward citations to find out where an idea was first introduced, while forward citations reflect how important it has been over time for other patents in your field or industry.

An NPL is any publicly available material that is not a patent or a pending/expired publication in a patent office. The NPLs assist in identifying key domain competitors and market giants with products similar to your inventions; identifying different application areas of the invention; identifying potential research scholars who can collaborate with you in moving forward with your invention; and identifying any mishaps, such as publishing your invention in a journal without your consent.

Looking for an Expert IP Consultant?

we will answer your questions, scope your project and discuss your potential fit in style.

Search The Patent Databases

The patent databases are a goldmine for inventions and ideas. Your invention is about to change the world, but before you do that, there’s one last thing. Find out if it has been patented.

Google Patents

Google Patents is a patent and patent application indexing search engine. These documents contain the entire collection of granted patents, published itemized specifications for each database that belong in the public domain because their creators made them available after filing them with government offices, and they assist in tracking down any information about any product/service idea backed up not only by citations but also illustrations.

USPTO search interface

The USPTO’s trademark database (Trademark Electronic Search System, or TESS) is helpful for anyone who wants to check if they have registered any marks similar to those already in use. The site can even reveal whether another company has applied for patents on related products or services; this way, you will know what’s up with your competition. This process (Collection Search) helps you determine your place in the evolution of technology.

Espace (European Patent Office) search interface

Espacenet is a patent database that contains information on inventions and technological advances. The interface is available in practically every European language, making it simple for users unfamiliar with patents to learn more about the state of innovation and keep up with new developments.

WIPO search interface

WIPO (World Intellectual Property Agency) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the protection of industrial property (collection of inventions, trademarks, and designs) as well as copyrighted materials around the world (literary, musical, photographic, and other artistic works). WIPO provides a free search engine to obtain information about intellectual property worldwide.

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