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Why do you need a patent watch or IP watch?

-- To have the latest information on relevant acquisitions to help make licensing decisions.

-- To enable the transfer of technology through IP.

-- To have a fair idea of the latest Intellectual property landscape.

-- To Know updated Patent Litigations and legal status of relevant records.

-- To Boost Research & Development activities through an understanding of technological developments.

-- To Review and re-analysis patents to examine validity or invalidity is easier with patent monitoring.

-- Surveillance of competitors’ technology and IP allows you to safely create and persist manufacturing depending on the legal status, whether the IP is engaged, abandoned, or run out.

Our Patent Watching / Monitoring Services
Our Patent Watch Services are specially devised to support patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms or companies. Patent Watching or monitoring Services refer to a process of watching and checking the patents at regular intervals of the time in authorized databases, periodicals, etc. to explore for newly published granted or pending patent applications that match the prerequisites specified at the start of the watch for our patent and then sub-sequentially provide alerts. The patent watch & monitoring services can be categorized into two major types- Technology-based and Competitor-based watch services. Further, the patent watch services can be adjusted according to your needs.

Technology-based Watch Services are only restricted to providing search results for monitoring and alerts based on the latest expansion in the specified technology, which can unbind the business opportunities. This Technology-based Watch Service allows our clients to observe and track the newly issued patents, published patent applications, and innovations in the field of interest within a specified period, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Followed by the patent watch services, the alert service makes sure that the client gets the revised report and becomes alert about the lawful status and patent improvement on the prosecution state of the published patent applications in the area of interest.

Like a technology-based watch service, a Competitor-based Watch Service aids clients in monitoring and alerting newly issued patents and or published patent applications about their competitors. This watch service will enable watch wholly focused on determining the status and progress of the competitor’s work from the current patent activities from his side.

The primary motto of instilling competitor-based patent watch service is to discover the dumped, expired, or abandoned competitors’ patents that can be used without violating any patent or without any legal risks.

According to the client’s requirement, we deliver patent watch services based on Technology or Competitor with a bucket-full of add-ons. 

Our dynamic dashboards help you to

  • Perform powerful computing and fast analytics through Intuitive dynamic dashboards over mobiles, tablets and computers
  • Empower non-technical users to take data-driven business decisions without having to learn to code
  • Increase organizational efficiency through collaboration amongst multiple users
  • Spend fewer hours on data analysis and compiling reports, and more on innovating on new programs and products

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Benefits of Patents Watch

  • Patent Watch is a regular process carried out in a company to observe newly issued patents, published patent applications, or non-patent publications. We perform patent watch on a quarterly or monthly basis. Performing a patent watch is to observe the newly published granted or published patent applications and communicate the opinion with the specialized people to find out if they might be of interest.
  • A patent watch is a means to analyze old technology and the latest. Additions and modifications to current patent families, the legal status of the patents, pending applications, and expired patents are some appropriate parts of the data an IP watch can give you. 
  • Our Patent Watch Services are specially developed to help patent agents and patent lawyers at law companies or businesses.
    Our team at Patenskart watches checks the patents at routine intervals in official databases or journals, etc., to explore newly published granted or pending patent applications that fit the necessities specified at the start of the watch for our patent sub-sequentially provide alertness.

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A patent is a sole right granted for an invention. A patent gives a property right by a sovereign authority to a creator. This grant equips the inventor exclusive rights to the patented process, design, or innovation for a designated period for broad disclosure of the invention. To get a patent, technical information about the creation must be demonstrated to the public in a patent application. In addition, the patent owner may permit to, or license, other parties to use the creation on mutually decided terms.

Patents protect the intellectual property of companies from supporting their profitability. However, patents also serve as bragging rights for companies demonstrating their innovativeness.


Intellectual property (IP) refers to results of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, images used in commerce. Intellectual property is any creation of human intelligence that the law shields from unauthorized use by others. Intellectual property ownership naturally creates a biased monopoly on protected property. Intellectual property traditionally comprises four types- patent, trademark, trade secret, and copyright.

IP is protected in law, allowing people to gain recognition or financial use from what they develop or create. 

At no point in the industry your company operates in, you must keep a close eye on the IP activities of your competitor. In doing this, it becomes more straightforward to pinpoint any patents/products that will violate what you are developing, manufacturing, or selling. A patent watch plunges deep into the IP activity of your competitors and enables you to have a view of the following-

  • Patent transfers
  • Patent litigation
  • R&D strategies
  • Technology development
  • IP dynamics
  • Current patenting activities
  • Acquisitions and licenses

Essentially, a patent watch allows you to stay at least one step forward from your competitors.


What is covered by patent protection?

Patent protection is given for an invention, a product, or a process, which brings a new specialized solution. The invention, which a patent must protect, must be new, practical, operational, and innovative, i.e., the answer for which the patent protection is desired, should not be an obvious one. Patent protection is usually granted for new innovative products, compositions, and technology.

A patent does not protect a view but a definite solution to a technical problem. Therefore, to achieve patent protection, the invention in any field of technology must:

  • be new,
  • have an inventive step, 
  • be practically applicable, 

Yes, this can be done by Patent Watch analysis offered by PatentsKart.

A patent watch analysis provides exclusive monitoring of newly-issued patents as well as published patent applications that have been filed but not yet granted. By having access to this information, you are provided with enough time to appropriately counteract any patents that may harm your business if the rights are issued.


A patent watch dives deep into the IP activity of your competitors. No matter the industry your company operates in, keeping a comprehensive watch on yours and your competitors’ IP activity is good business practice, one that effectively minimizes risk and allows you to optimize your resources.


A large number of patents are filed worldwide every year making it relatively difficult to keep a track of all new patent applications in a specific industry. We, at PatentsKart, have automated tools that track patent activities across required domains, which solves this problem. Our analysis keeps you ahead of the curve by helping you identify potentially infringing patents – licensing and acquisition opportunities. We provide regular automated updates (monthly, quarterly or yearly) to include only those documents that are relevant to your technology of interest.

An invention is viewed as a novel if it is not in the public domain globally and is analyzed using expertise in the appropriate technology field.

An invention is a new process or product involving an innovative step and competent industrial application. One of the conditions for granting a patent for an invention is that the invention must be novel or new. Therefore, novelty should always be established concerning a single prior art reference. Different records cannot be mixed; every component of the likely claim should be disclosed in the prior art for novelty destroying.