Trademark Support Services

Trademark is a word, logo or symbol associated with a product or an item that helps us differentiate between products in similar category. It could be a brand name, service name (Service Mark) or a company logo (Wordmark). A single trademark can be associated with multiple classes of “Goods and Services”. Before filing a new trademark, an availability search for the mark is always recommended. This helps to estimate chances of clearance for the mark and accordingly advise on any modifications required prior to filing the trademark.

Trademark Clearance Search

We offer trademark pre-filing searches to ensure that the proposed mark is unique and not infringing other marks in the same class. This involves searching marks across several national and international trademark offices like India, US, Canada, Australia, EUIPO and UK, to find similar work or image marks (or phonetically similar marks) under the relevant classes of goods and services.

Trademark Filing and Renewals

We offer complete a range of legal services including trademark filing in India, responding to examination reports/provisional refusal; and renewal of trademarks. In India, registration of a trademark is valid for a period of 10 years, after which the applicant can file a renewal to extend the registration for another ten years. If a renewal application is not filed, the trademark will be removed from the Register of Trademarks

We also file international applications through Madrid System. Additionally, we have a network of foreign agents to help you to protect your trademarks in US and Europe, and draft responses to office actions.

Our internal trademark docketing software provides hassle-free monitoring of all applications and keeps you updated on the status of your applications and next steps in the process, along with reminders for any upcoming deadlines.

Trademark Watch and Infringement Search

As a part of your brand protection strategy, we monitor unauthorized use of your mark and filing of any confusing/similar marks that could be potentially infringing your protected mark. We also look for counterfeit products/goods being sold online on various e-commerce websites, using similar packaging, logos or trademarks. This can be done on monthly or quarterly basis.